Radiant Barrier



Radiant Barrier

Hothead Headliners includes a Radiant Barrier on the back of ALL Jeep Hard Top Headliner panels as well as in the middle of ALL Jeep Wrangler Soft Top Headliners

What is Radiant Barrier?

Radiant barrier is a tear-proof, heavy foil material used in a wide variety of applications for insulation purposes. You will commonly see this material used on the construction of homes and buildings in areas such as walls, roofs, attics, and now in your Jeep Wrangler insulation!

Radiant barrier is extremely effective because of it's main two properties, Reflectivity and Emissivity. The reflectivity properties reflect or block radiant heat (heat transferred by radiation) by at least 90%. The emissivity properties of the radiant barrier are approximately 0.03 which is great (the lower, the better). This means that the amount of heat emitted to the surrounding air is 3%. 

In a regular Jeep Wrangler without our Jeep hard or soft top headliners, the exterior heat and radiation from the sun will be absorbed and reflected directly into your Jeep interior and onto your body. This increases internal temperatures and makes your air conditioner work even harder to keep up. Alternatively, in cold weather, heat from your interior is easily radiated/omitted outside because of a higher emissivity rating.

In a Jeep Wrangler with our Jeep hard or soft top headliners, you should notice a considerable difference, once installed. The reflectivity properties of the radiant barrier will reflect away a lot of the heat and radiation from the sun, keeping you cooler inside and putting less stress on your air conditioner system. In colder weather, the emissivity properties won't allow as much heat to leave your interior, allowing your Jeep to warm up faster on those cold mornings and to also assist in regulating the temperature.

Although we would love to tell you that you will never have to worry about staying cool all summer and warm all winter, our Jeep headliner insulation products with radiant barrier can't cover your entire Jeep (maybe one day!). You will still have parts of the roof exposed (hard top headliners), lots of windows and the rest of the structure of your Jeep that lacks the great properties in our products. In any scenario, we hope to make your Jeep a more comfortable experience than before.

Satellite Radio Owners 

Jeep Hard Top Headliners (2007 - present)
To ensure there is no interference in your satellite radio signals, we cut out a section of the radiant barrier in the panel located over the top of the factory satellite radio antenna. This panel is located on the passenger side of the sound bar. We perform these cut outs on all Jeep models from 2007 to present.


Jeep Soft Top Headliners
We are now making our soft top headliners with a layer of 2 ply, non-tear, radiant barrier sewn in the middle for increased temperature resistance. We cut out a small section of the radiant barrier directly over the top of the satellite radio antenna (located on the passenger side top of sound bar) so our headliners will not interfere with reception

To demonstrate the radiant barrier more in depth, we have provided video demonstrations of the products below for both the Hard Top and Soft Top Headliners. 

Check out our Jeep insulation Radiant Barrier videos below!

Jeep Hard Top Headliners

Jeep Soft Top Headliners