Cold Weather Installation

We get a decent amount of questions about installing our Jeep Headliners in cold weather. If you purchased your new Jeep hardtop headliners during winter or if you live in a colder climate, you can 100% successfully install them.

For optimal installation, the ideal temperature we recommend is above 70° degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is below this, we recommend following our Cold Weather Installation instructions.

*If you install your Jeep headliner below the recommended temperature of 70° degrees (Fahrenheit) and do not follow our cold weather instructions, it's possible that the adhesive won't adhere properly to your Jeep hard top and your headliner will fail to stick.

Cold Weather Installation Video 


Cold Weather Installation Instructions

This video demonstrates our Cold Weather Installation instructions for installation of your new Jeep headliner kit in cold weather. In this video, we installed our Hothead Headliners in cold weather, around 40° degrees Fahrenheit. We have detailed the cold weather installation instructions in easy steps outlined below.

Step 1

Follow the standard preparation steps outlined in the instructions provided in your Hothead Headliners kit. Proper preparation is very important to
ensure your jeep headliner successfully adheres to your Jeep hardtop.

Step 2

If you have a packing blanket (that you don't mind getting dirty), lay it across the top of your Jeep hardtop. We recommend closing it into the doors so it doesn't blow off.

Step 3

Put your new Jeep Wrangler Headliner panels inside of your Jeep to keep them out of the cold and to benefit from Step 4.

Step 4

Close all of your doors and start up your Jeep. Let your Jeep run for 15 minutes with your heater on full blast.

Warning - As you can see in the video, we demonstrated our cold weather installation outdoors. Do not attempt this installation step (Step 4) in a garage or other enclosed areas!

Step 5

After your heater has been running on full blast for at least 15 minutes, the inside of your Jeep should be at least 80° degrees and ready for you to install your Jeep Wrangler headliner. Since you have already completed the preparation steps in Step 1, continue the standard installation steps provided in your Hothead Headliners kit.

After you complete Step 5, your Hothead Headliners will be completely and successfully installed. We hope that you enjoy the look and functionality that they provide for years to come! If you have any questions during any step in the installation process, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are here to assist if needed!