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Hothead Headliners Featured on Motorz TV | Video Review

We were featured on episode #85 of Motorz TV in 2015. We have made several upgrades to our Jeep headliners since this aired, including the introduction of radiant barriers

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        Direct Customer Review Emails

        Hello, just wanted to say your product is awesome. I purchased it for my 2013 4 door Rubicon full headliner kit with side panels and sound assassin. My jeep is so much better now. My A/C I have to turn it down it gets so cold before it ran full blast and it was still struggling in the Florida heat. The interior is so much nicer inside. I will be buying your floor kit in the near future. Thank you for building a quality product that a regular person can afford. I get so many compliments and have told all my jeep crew about the your product. I am not a guy who ever rights reviews however this is the first product that I have been more than 100% satisfied with. Thanks again, Patrick


        June 30, 2015

        Hi Mark,
        I just wanted to let you know that the hotheads arrive last night and I got them installed just in time for my trip - I'm actually riding across TX right now (husbands turn to drive) and I can't tell you enough how happy I am with the purchase! They look so sharp installed in my 2015 white JKU. The sound improvement is amazing - no more buffering and the temps are cooler, too! Just an overall awesome addition to my Jeep. I will be singing your praises online anywhere I can! 
        I want to thank you so much for going out of your way to expedite my order! You're awesome!


        Thanks Mark for your hothead headliners and the hush mats. Excellent improvement for my Jeep! Cooler temperature, less vibration, much more quiet. Jeep looks much more elegant (I went ahead and painted the roof black also). Everybody in my family loves it. My teenagers are now both claiming rights to the Jeep. Thanks again!




        Mark - The headliner/hushmat/side window kit was received in perfect condition.  Install went smoothly with no problems on my 2012 2-DR Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.  I have added a boatload of things to my Rubicon, including front bumper, winch, Gobi roof rack, Tuffy security panel, OR-FAB rear tire/can carrier, and NOTHING has been as easy to install and has fit as well as the headliner kit.  The kit has lowered the interior temperature when parked in the Florida sun by about 30+ degrees, and has lowered the road noise when traveling to the point that I can enjoy the stereo more.   Thanks again for getting the headliner kit to me timely. Jim F.


        Just wanted to let you know I received my order last week... I installed everything today, and it was very easy to install.. The hardest part was removing the backing of the Velcro strips!  I am highly impressed with the quality of your product, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the package and how neat everything was packed and in order.  Today it was only 104 here in Vegas, but my wife and I both noticed how much cooler the interior is.. Tomorrow it will be 110 so I am anxious to see how it feels when I get off work..

        I work as an F-16 Avionics tech at Nellis AFB, and I will be recommending your product to every Jeep JK  and other model hardtop owners that I know or run across..

        Your product took some time to get and was a bit pricey, but well worth the wait and cost.. Extremely impressed to say the least..

        Please use me as a reference to future customers and feel free to use this as a testimonial on your website..

        Thank you!

        Jonathan J., TSgt/ WG-12
        Viper Aggressor Maintenance Unit
        Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, Nevada


        I put a full set in my 2010 JK Unlimited Rubicon about six weeks ago. front, center, rear and side panels. 
        MAN!! what a differace, it's not even hot yet! (101'ish) and I dont miss the heat radiating from the roof pannels any more, and the instalation,, Pfft,, easy, simple and all of 40 minutes. took my time and cleaned the roof realy good as directed. and have had zero saging,or problems!
        By far one of the best mods of the over $15G's in mods I've made! 
        Thank you for making:
        one; something that really works
        two; was actually easy to do myself
        three; is truly an afordable mod that does what they say it will
        Thank you!


        Just installed your liners, fit great, look great, and if they lower the inside temp they will be awesome!



        The headliners are working great and have made a big difference for me here in this Fl heat! The road noise is a lot less as well!
        Thanks again



        Mark The headliners are working great. In this south Georgia heat it has reduced the temperature at least a 100 degrees. I have recommended them to two friends that say they will be ordering.

        Again they are great product and your service was beyond excellent.