We sorry but our Poly window replacements are temporarily not available. We should have them back up for sale by the end of July. If you have any questions please call or email. 


Polycarbonate Window Replacements

If the fabric of your soft top is still in good shape but the clear vinyl is bad ( or you just don't like it) we have a solution, Polycarbonate window replacements. We will email you a shipping label to send us your soft top windows. When we receive them we will cut out the clear vinyl and sew in 1/16" (clear or tinted) polycarbonate. When we send your windows back they will fit exactly the same, but now you will be able to see through them like looking through glass, and they will stay clear for years.

Polycarbonate is used to make bullet-proof glass. It's very strong, and we have the polycarbonate we use coated for UV & scratch resistance. You can expect you new polycarbonate windows to stay clear for 5 to 10 years depending on sun intensity and exposure

Tint - our polycarbonate stock has a tint very close to the rear windows in a JK Unlimited. 

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2007-2015 JK 4 door: $349.00

2007-2015 JK 2 door: $379.00

2004-2006 LJ (long wheel base): $399.00

1997-2006 TJ (short wheel base): $369.00

1987-1995 YJ: $369.00

Protective Pouch: 59.95


Ship your windows to us: Free

Please watch video (bottom of this page) on how to package them. 

Protective Pouch:

Our protective pouches have three compartments inside so your two side windows & rear window stay completely separated and safe. The outside layers of material are padded with 1/8" foam to help insure the windows inside stay undamaged. 


Polycarbonate Window Video

Protective Pouch Video

How to pack your existing windows for shipment video